Wir freuen uns sehr, dieses Schuljahr sechs Gäste aus dem europäischen Ausland bei uns zu haben. Hier stellen sie sich kurz selbst vor:

My name is Lucille, I’m 15 years old and I’m from France. I’m super exited to know another culture than mine, to meet new people (it can improve my sociability), I’m super exited too to be able to learn and improve my languages. I think my biggest challenge will be to study in a foreign language. It will be a new way of education and it’s a chance for me to be able to study in this kind of establishment. I hope I will come out with a great level in English and maybe in German.

I am Aistė Jurgelėnaitė from Lithuania. I am 16 years old. Maybe the first thing that I need to do is explain how to spell my name:). I know that it can seem hard but believe me, it is not. You just need to say iced tea, or in German it would be Eistee, and you will say it right. What am I most excited about? I would say EVERYTHING! I am very excited to meet my host family, other exchange students, IFC team and everyone in Germany. I can’t wait to finally start loading my suitcase. I know that there will be a lot of challenges. Maybe the biggest one will be the German language but, to be honest, I am not afraid of any challenges because if you want you can overcome them. I am hoping to learn German better, get to know other cultures better. I am hoping to learn something new not just about others but about myself as well because I think it will be a great opportunity for me to see how I can deal with challenges alone and etc. 

My name’s Teo and I’m 15 years old, turning 16 this November. I come from Brno, Czech Republic. I’m really excited about meeting new people and staying in a foreign country, which is going to be also the biggest challenge for me. Another challenge is also going to be studying in English and German, as I’ve never experienced anything like that before. And what do I hope to learn during the next year? I’d love to become more independent. I also want to improve my language abilities both in German and English.

Hi! My name is Sara Capiluppi, I’m 17 years old and I come from Italy. I love dancing, photography, listening to music, watching series, acting, cooking… I’m really looking forward to attending the IFC class next year! I can’t wait to get to know the German culture, meet new friends and spend a year in a beautiful city like Stuttgart. Obviously my biggest challenge will be leaving handmade Tortellini and Lasagna… No, I’m kidding :)I hope that by the end of next year I will be more responsible and independent. I hope to become a stronger person and to discover new passions!

Marie Kramer, 17, Estonia: I am most excited about meeting new people and getting an experience to live in Germany. I think my biggest challenge will be studying all the subjects in a foreign language. I hope that everything will go well and I hope that this year will be great.

My name is Juliana Murr. I am from Bulgaria and I am 15 years old. I am looking forward to having a really special year with the IFC. I think my biggest challenge would be to actually be independent and make friends. I am hoping to improve my German language and have a good time!

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