National and international relations

Being both adventurous and curious

Adventure combined with curiosity – those attend school abroad learn more than just a new language, they learn a lot about themselves. Discovering foreign culture, experiencing a different school system, putting language skills to the test, and broadening one’s horizon: an extended trip abroad provides many opportunities that are hard to replicate later in life.

Therefore, nurturing international relations is an integral part of our school profile, and relations with partner schools abroad have a long tradition at FPGZ. Our international partner schools include Cuthbert in St. Helens, Great Britain, two Collèges in La Ferté, France, a High School in Beijing, the Podar College in Mumbai, and the John Burroughs School in St. Louis, USA. Additionally, there are orchestra and choir partnerships with the Gymnázium Matyáse Lercha in Brünn, and a regular exchange with the Max-Klinger-Schule in Leipzig.

Foreign language classes themselves are also enriched with regular opportunities for students to utilize, improve and foster their skills. English is therefore not restricted to English classes, as our bilingual branch also offers geography, biology and history classes in English. Debate club lets students debate in English and compete against other adolescents from around the world in international competitions. Students of the French branch can acquire the Diplôme d’études de langue francaise (DELF), an internationally recognized certificate for French as a foreign language.

Our partner schools:

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