international encounters class

The FPGZ has proudly been offering this exceptional project for more than three years now. Selected students attend most classes in Grade 10 in English together with guest students from various countries. Additionally, the guests attend DaF class (German as a foreign language).

This class focuses on more than the improvement of language skills, as intercultural and social competence is also broadened through contact with people from different cultures. Those interested in all of these areas can apply for IFC. We inform parents of this project beforehand during the first parents’ evenings in Grade 9. We also invite all parents and students of Grade 9 to an information evening before Christmas. The application, then, needs to consist of a filled-in application form along with a cover letter. Participants will then be chosen during Spring of the following calendar year. Guest students complete an application process which includes submitting various documents and a skype interview with us.

However, the most important aspect of IFC is the host families. We are looking for families willing to provide our guests with a home for an entire or half a school year. We deem integrating an adolescent into a family for a certain time very valuable. Families with a room to spare, who are generally interested in other people, other cultures, and other languages would be suitable as host families. Please contact us!

You can contact us through our assistant’s office or at ifc@fpgz.de. We are looking forward to hearing from potential applicants and hope for many more successful encounters during the course of this project.

Service Documents
Would you like to enroll your child in Grade 5? The application form and other documents such as the holiday schedule or information regarding the Open School Day can be found here.