Exercise and health

More than PE

“Parents want to send only the head to school but the whole child always shows up.” At Gymnasium, students sit 32 hours per week on average. However, just as unhealthy diet and drug consumption, lack of exercise, too, causes lasting damage that drastically worsens the ability to concentrate and learn. On the other hand, regular exercise improves blood flow to the brain and thus leads to better performance and longer periods of maintaining high levels of concentration.

The concept “School on the Move” ensures exercise at our school beyond PE classes. Our students can exercise in their free time at our rope course, play boxes, and various sports clubs, for example. Sports festivals and tournaments are an integral part of our school life, and cooperation with neighboring sports clubs further add to the exercise opportunities.

The prevention program supported by local police provides students with help to take care of their own bodies and their own health. We offer information material to parents as well.

A healthy and balanced diet is ensured with our lunch that we receive fresh from the Porsche canteen.

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