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Clubs at FPGZ

For further information, please see the info boards across from the substitution schedule on the first floor or this download.

The paramount school motto, jointly conceived by students, parents, and teachers is this: school time is life time – school environment is living environment. This motto exemplifies that school entails much more than planing the application of a curriculum during a certain time window, but a steadily increasing part of life happens at school. Here, students have lunch together, meet for sporting activities, enjoy their hobbies in clubs, do their homework, or simply play together together in the school yard.

The framework for this is maintained by parents, club representatives, and teachers working closely together. School and extracurricular activities are increasingly intertwined which becomes ever more important in our changing society.

Year book club, drama club, cooperative theater club, rhetoric club, lower Grade choir, mathematics genius club, rhetoric & theater, lower Grade orchestra, Roberta club, nature club, climate club, SMV, theater club, debate club, Hip-Hop club, choir, bike club, orchestra, basketball club, China club, Delf club, Big Band, Sound & Light.

Service Documents
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