Students with responsibility

More than just three letters, more than just an acronym, and more than just a buzz word: the SMV allows students to partake in the shaping of our school and our school spirit, because it is the board that represents the interests, rights, and duties of FPGZ students. SMV representatives, parents, and teachers vote on important issues of everyday school life.

Additionally, the SMV livens up the school day: valentine’s day, St. Nicholas, motto-days, soccer tournaments, and our school disco – all of this would be inconceivable without the commitment of the SMV team. What can be accomplished by the SMV during the course of a school year is of course largely dependent on the student representatives and whether they know how to execute their ideas or not. This year, the SMV is headed by Julia Renz and Elian Yildirim (both Grade 11) together with their deputies Abdullah Ayaloglu and Antonio Koparan (both Grade 12), who are always in a good mood and very committed. Supporting them are Bettina Althoff and Ulrike Backer, who act as mentors among the teaching staff.

Service Documents
Would you like to enroll your child in Grade 5? The application form and other documents such as the holiday schedule or information regarding the Open School Day can be found here.