School & environment society

For a climate-friendly school

2001 marks the foundation of the society “School and Environment e.V.” at FPGZ. This society aims at promoting environment and climate protection, advancing environment pedagogy, and creating climate-friendly energy at school. This was started with the commissioning of the school’s own solar power systems in the years 2002 and 2004. In 2011, the society financed a third such system on the new NwT building. With these systems in place, our peak performance now lies at 21.45 kW. Ever since, we have generated roughly 200,000 kWh of electric energy and saved roughly 100 tons carbon dioxide.
On top of this, the society engages in a second field:

With the enormous greenhouse gas emissions that result from flights for school trips or exchange programs contradicting a school community committed to sustainable thinking and acting, the society “School and Environment at FPGZ e.V.” rewards climate friendly school trips or exchange programs that use buses or trains as a means of transportation with currently 15€ per student.

Members of the board:

Board member and cashier: Dieter Bareis

Secretary: Markus Schreiber

Further board member: Günter Schöpfer

Service Documents
Would you like to enroll your child in Grade 5? The application form and other documents such as the holiday schedule or information regarding the Open School Day can be found here.