Guidance counselor

Accompanying education and life choices

You have trouble studying at home or concentrating at school? You feel overwhelming panic ahead of exams? You question the use of it all and whether the Gymnasium is the right school for you? Or do you feel that students, teachers, or parents do not respect you?

Then maybe it would be beneficial for you to seek some guidance! Guidance at FPGZ is free of charge, voluntary, confidential, and independent. I also offer counsel for parents worried about their child’s development in school.

My name is Tilman Gerstner, born in 1968 and father of two. I teach religious education, psychology, and philosophy at FPGZ, and I am responsible for the godparent model. I started the guidance counselor training in 2015 and since 2017 I have been offering guidance at FPGZ to ensure that as many people as possible feel at home at our school: whereas school can be stressful, it can never be tormenting. The important motto of my work is “counseling eye to eye”: when counseling, I am not just a teacher who knows everything better. Rather, we work together to find ideas on how to handle your problems.

You can best reach out to me Wednesdays and Thursdays at the teacher’s lounge during the big break, or Tuesdays during lunch. Otherwise, please contact me via e-mail or through the school office (tel. 0711 21657220). You can find sign-up sheets for my counseling sessions in the school office, too. Please have the filled-out sheet put in my shelf. I will contact you as soon as possible. Usually, the counseling itself takes place in room 12 (room of our social worker Chris).

It is brave to ask for counseling. However, experience has shown me: it is worth it instead of mulling complex issues on your own. Sometimes solutions do not take much. They are sometimes only hard to see. My counsel wants to help you discover ways to reach a good future for yourself!

Service Documents
Would you like to enroll your child in Grade 5? The application form and other documents such as the holiday schedule or information regarding the Open School Day can be found here.