Friends and alumni society

Keep in touch and support

The friends and alumni society of FPGZ has been devoted to support creative projects as well as sports activities and cultural activities at our school since 1967. This year, for example, the society has overseen the purchase of new books for the school library, as well as the acquisition of musical instruments. The society also ensured that theater events could take place. Furthermore, the society annually invests in a scholarship system and science teaching. Additionally, part of the society’s substantial school donation benefits maintenance and expansions of our technical equipment, for example the Sound & Light club, without which neither concerts nor theater performances would be possible. That the society values our students’ futures can be seen in the bi-annual organization and hosting of the job information day for students of the final two Grades at our school’s sports and festivities gym.

More than a dozen businesses, including Porsche AG, Metro Group, Württembergische Versicherung, and the Police present students with the opportunity to engage in conversations, browse the booths, and begin to network.

Through contributing to the “Schulhocketse” and hosting the traditional volleyball tournament, the society promotes the friendly contact between alumni, friends, students, parents, and teachers. Small class reunions taking place during those events can be attributed to the society’s committed work.

Service Documents
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