For the future – living – learning – achieving together

  • School time is lifetime.
  • School environment is living environment.

School and society are constantly intertwined. In an ever-changing society, school prepares its pupils for lifelong learning. Thus, qualified teaching and learning is of utmost importance: It provides opportunities in life!

The joy of learning and achieving are part of character development. Pride in one’s own achievements can be the outcome of our committed and sustainable work; only joint effort can make this possible.

The school community needs autonomous work and self-initiative just as it requires the understanding that everyone is responsible for their own behavior and that everyone carries the responsibility for this community.

All those who partake in school life need to be considerate of others, have to be open-minded, provide each other with constructive criticism for an atmosphere of trust and a sense of security to prevail. Facing conflicts and resolving said conflicts without violence is also crucial for this.

Everybody has the right to teach and learn without distractions.

  • Students – Parents – Teachers – we shape our school together

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