House rules

Updated for 2017/18

The following rules for our common school life are derived from our school motto

  • School time is lifetime
  • School environment is living environment


  • All who partake in school life care for the cleanliness of rooms, hallways and other school facilities. Cleaning marshals organized by classes themselves are especially responsible for class rooms, school yards and neighboring premises.
  • After class is over, teachers lock class rooms and subject rooms for security reasons, and ensure that all windows are closed, all blinders are open, all lights and all electric devices are turned off. The blackboard is wiped clean for the following class. On certain days, we support our facility management by putting our chairs on the tables. We clean large messes on a daily basis. For reasons of hygiene, we particularly emphasize cleanliness in bathrooms and showers. All acts violating the basic principles of hygiene are prohibited on school premises.
  • Class room design shall not be offensive in any way and shall be easily removable for re-design. Plants enrich our rooms and need our care.

Everybody has the right to teach and learn without distractions

  • We avoid any kind of noise on school premises in order not to bother others and behave accordingly.
  • For this, students enter their class rooms at the beginning of a lesson. If there is no teacher present within the first 10 minutes of a lesson, the class representative goes to the principal’s office to check.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices need to be switched off on school premises and during school events.

Everybody is responsible for their own behavior and the community

  • For health reasons, students are not allowed to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages on school grounds.
  • At the FPGZ, we aspire to be a smoke-free school.
    The principal has the right to implement exceptions for certain festivities, acting within the laws of the Youth Protection Act.
  • Drugs and violence are not tolerated at our school.
  • For safety and health reasons, students leave their class rooms during lunch break and proceed to the school yard or common rooms.
  • Everybody, who finds something that does not belong to them, turns those items in at facility management or the principal’s assistant’s office.
  • Students spend free periods in their class rooms or in common rooms or the school yard with teacher’s permission.
  • During school time, parental supervision is transferred to the school and therefore students from Grades 5 through 10 are only allowed to leave school premises with teacher’s permission. Otherwise, the protection provided by the student accident insurance may be void. Senior Grade students may leave school premises during free periods and lunch break at their own risk.
  • Games that are deemed health risks are not allowed on school premises.
  • For the protection of our school community, unauthorized persons are not allowed on school premises.
  • Access paths and fire rescue paths need to be unobstructed at all times to guarantee quick aid in case of an emergency.

Facilities and most teaching and learning material belongs to the community and not just one person

  • We treat facilities as well as teaching and learning material carefully, to ensure their availability for as many people as possible. Those who damage or destroy them on purpose need to replace them so that the community need not pay for replacement.
  • Subject rooms and gym facilities shall only be accessed under teacher supervision to ensure proper treatment of the facilities and to prevent injuries.

There are further agreements within classes and the entire school community to complement these rules.

Service Documents
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